Blast Futures

Stack and farm across BlasterSwap & Blast Futures Exchange (BFX), earning leveraged rewards from both, as well as Blast Gold and Points!

Special Event is Closed



The partnership between BFX and BlasterSwap allows users to earn multiple rewards across both ecosystems. Provide liquidity to the RBX/WETH pair and stake the LP token with BFX for maximized earnings!

[01]2x Blaster deposit reward for RBX/WETH pool
[02]2x BFX points exclusively for RBX/WETH LP token stakers on BFX
[03]70% of 'BFX staker's airdrop' exclusively for RBX/WETH LP token stakers on BFX
[04]Blast Points and Blast Gold from both Blaster and BFX

Three steps to get it all!

Step #1

Bridge RBX to Blast or buy on Blaster

Step #2

Deposit to RBX/WETH pool on Blaster

Step #3

Stake RBX/WETH LP token

LP token withdrawals on BFX will be enabled in late June. Min $100